High Performance Garage Services Covering Selsdon


As many of our customers know, Addington Garage is a family-run mechanics that prides itself on its ability to offer honest, reliable car servicing and car repairs at extremely competitive rates. We understand the importance of transparency in all our work and this is what helps to keep many existing clients in Selsdon but continually add to the ever growing list.


We use a code-of-practice which helps us stay ahead of the competition serving Selsdon and the surrounding areas with MOTs and other garage services.



Addington Garage Code of Practice


UNDERSTANDING – It may be a cliché but the customer is always right in our eyes. We make sure that whatever the customer is trying to tell us about their vehicle, we listen. It’s easy for some mechanics to drift off mid-conversation and possibly miss a vital bit of information to help with their car repairs. Not so with Addington Garage, we’re forever on the ball.


RESPONSE – There is no excuse for not getting back to customers in Selsdon as quickly as possible. By returning emails and phone calls promptly, this enables clients to have trust in carrying out work such as car servicing or car repairs on their behalf. As many of our competitors have found to their cost, long response times can cost a garage business.


PERFORMANCE – Every mechanic working at our garage understand the importance of continual high performance. Every aspect of our work is carried out in conjunction with manufacturer’s guidelines. If its car repairs or car servicing, we deal with each job professionally and proficiently.


HONESTY – It’s rare for a garage covering Selsdon in this day and age to carry on using used parts instead of new ones, winding back mileages and general laziness but with Addington Garage, you know that you’re guaranteed quality at every turn. MOTs and general garage services are fully undertaken and as part of The Good Garage Scheme, our credibility and workmanship is without question.


DETAILED – At Addington Garage, you’ll see the care and attention given to Selsdon vehicle owners who use our car servicing or car repairs. Whether it’s a headlamp bulb change or engine problem solving, we deal with the issue efficiently and without fuss. With state-of-the-art equipment as used by our experienced technicians, our workmanship is detailed, efficient and cost-effective, at all times.


If you’re a Selsdon vehicle owner looking for a new garage for honest and detailed MOTs, car servicing and car repairs, call us now on 01689 844408.