New Addington

A Trusted & Reliable HGV Garage in New Addington

When you need automotive work done – whether in the form of reactive car repairs, preventative car servicing, or certification via MOTs –you have a few choices as to where you go to. You could opt for a dealership, a nation fast fit centre or similar “chain” garage, or a local independent, HGV garage in New Addington like our own. So what factors should you be considering when making this choice? That’s the subject of this page!

While it might seem like we’re somewhat biased, we make no apology for it – we’re proud of the benefits of local independent garages like our own and want all New Addington motorists to be aware of them. But an article can only go so far; so next time you’re in need of car repairs, car servicing or MOTs, why not visit Addington Vehicle Garage and see proof of these points first hand! Clients making the switch won’t regret it.

Why Use an Independent Garage?

  • Personalised Service – Many fast-fits and dealerships have an air of the corporate, meaning you’re fit into a strict time slot then rushed out; often this means multiple visits for car repairs, or a feeling that car servicing or MOTs are rushed. At an independent HGV garage like ours in New Addington, we take a tailored approach that ensures every aspect of the job is properly explained, and care and attention is paid to both your experience and your vehicles’ needs.
  • Lower Prices – Independent garages are well known for providing competitive quotes that beat out fast-fit centres and main dealers: and our New Addington based team are no different! But providing affordable car repairs, car servicing and MOTs doesn’t mean the quality suffers…
  • Quality of Work – …bringing us to our next benefit; for we use OEM parts and have seasoned mechanics who’ve been with us for the long haul. By comparison, fast-fits and dealerships are notorious for having high rates of turnover. Many work there to “cut their teeth” but move to an independent, or establish their own, for the very reasons outlined on this page.
  • Local Business – Whether it’s a New Addington local café, pub or retailer, or a HGV garage like our own, it’s always worthwhile supporting local businesses. We’re situated in the community and are a proud part of it, employing locally and thinking locally. No one – or rather, very few people – want a future where every single outlet on a street is part of a multi-national!

Once New Addington motorists try us for car repairs, car servicing and MOTs, they never go back! So book in an appointment at our HGV garage on 01689 844 408.