Get Back on the Road in Record Time With Our Car Repairs in Selsdon

Addington Vehicle Garage is just a short drive away from Selsdon and proves popular amongst motorists in the area. Both domestic and commercial clients choose us to handle their car repairs, car servicing and MOTs – as a fully equipped LGV and HGV garage we have the space and technology to maintain and repair even the largest of lorries.

Below, we’ve looked to answer a handful of questions we commonly receive from Selsdon motorists, not just on our aforementioned core service areas of car repairs car servicing and MOTs, but more general concerns. Have a question not answered below? Or perhaps you want to book in an appointment? Pick up the phone and call 01689 844 408.

Addington Vehicle Garage – Selsdon FAQ

Do I need to invest in MOTs?
If your vehicle is over three years old, you require annual MOTs to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. Selsdon motorists who drive classic cars that were assembled over 40 years ago are also exempt from MOTs.

How should I prepare for MOTs?
Ensure you’ve deal with any obvious issues via our professional car repairs, and that your car servicing history is up to date.

What happens if I fail MOTs?
MOT failure is fairly common, so first of all – don’t panic. Our mechanics will explain to you exactly why you failed, before recommending the best course of action; if it’s car repairs you need, we’ll provide a quote and if you choose to have them carried out at our light and HGV garage, provide a free re-test (within 7 days of the original date of MOTs).

What’s involved in car servicing?
This depends on whether you’re visiting us for interim or full car servicing (we recommend Selsdon motorists invest in the latter every 6 months or 6,000 miles, and full servicing every 12 months or 12,000 years); the former is a general check-up, while the latter is more comprehensive and involves a longer list of checks. Both involve checking and refilling fluids, and replacing oil/oil filter. Typical checks include inspection transmission, air conditioning, brakes and similar vital components.

Why invest in regular car servicing?
Regular car servicing improves fuel efficiency, reduces chance of breakdown, keeps you safer on the road, extends the lifespan of your vehicle and protects its value.

What parts do you use to carry out car repairs?
We use OEM grade parts for all the car repairs carried out our HGV garage near Selsdon.

Which vehicle types can you carry out car repairs on?
Class 1 through 7.

What’s the difference between a standard garage and a HGV garage?
Firstly, the space available. Secondly, the specific skill sets of our mechanics. Thirdly, the technology we invest in that allows us to accurately diagnose, maintain and repair larger commercial vehicles on behalf of Selsdon clients.

Have a different query, or want to book in for car repairs, MOTs or car servicing at our HGV garage near Selsdon? Pick up the phone and call 01689 844 408.